Feature - VNPAY Gateway
VNPAY Payment Gateway provides all feature you need for your business
Easy integration

We simplify the process, ensure the fastest and easiest integration of payment channel to your website.


Easily integrate the payment system right after documentation approval

Right after your documentation is approved, integration is performed easily and quickly.


Register with VNPAY Payment Gateway

Register an account to connect and integrate payment gateway easily and quickly.

Register here.


Approve documentation

After receiving the registration documentation, VNPAY will evaluate and respond within 48 working hours.
View the necessary documentation items here.

QR Code payment integration

The unique payment gateway integrates the solution of payment by QR Code on Mobile Banking application, which brings great benefits to businesses:

  • Satisfying customers with the simple and easy payment method: Customers do not need to enter card/account information, transactions is performed just in seconds by using Mobile Banking to scan QR Code.
  • Expanding sales channels by integrating QR Code on website, fanpage, the product packaging, the advertising material and points of sale. Your advertising channels now become more effective sales channels than ever before.
  • Approaching millions of Mobile Banking customers.

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Flexible, friendly and multi-device compatible interface
  • Flexibility: Inteface enables to customize color and logo to ensure the brand identity of your e-commerce website.
  • Friendliness: Popup screen allows customers to enter information easily and quickly; payment action is made continuously.
  • Multi-device compatibility: Responsive interface automatically adjusts its layout to fit the size of PC, mobile and tablet.
Favorable fee policy
    • No initial integration expenses
    • No monthly maintenance fee
    • Attractive discount under sales
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Optimal operation
Optimal operation (Online and Real Time) with many powerful support tool

Optimal operation with powerful supportive tools

VNPAY Payment Gateway provides smart and easy-to-use tools to support the operation. We build the operating system in the spirit of “Your business development is our success”.

Specifically, the tool support
    • System dashboard (digital dashboard) used to collect, synthesize and analyze data
    • Product management system
    • Flexible payment policy which can be adjusted online
    • Automated and online reconciliation system
    • Alert and service tracking tool
    • Smart lookup and customer care system
Privacy policy
Modern privacy technology complied with international privacy standards

VNPAY Payment Gateway complies with the banks’ regulations of privacy and transaction processing, prevent and avoid fraudulent transactions, ensure the benefits for customers and online business websites.

  • Connection security Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and encode data transmitted on the Internet to VNPAY Gateway’s host system certificated by GeoTrust, a prestigious security organization.
  • Data security Firewall system (Firewall) to prevent unauthorized access and attack from outside. API mechanism requires signature authentication based on the security lock issued to customer.
  • Two-factor authentication One-time password (OTP) sent via SMS to ensure that account access is authenticated.
Value added services

Providing value-added products.

Contact us to integrate value-added services into your website.

  • Phone card/ game card
  • Bill payment: telephone, electricity, water, internet, television, tuition
  • QR Code payment integration
  • Booking air ticket