How to pay with QR code - QR Pay on Agribank E-Mobile Banking Application
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10/3/2018 4:08:41 PM

How to pay with QR code - QR Pay on Agribank E-Mobile Banking Application

Agribank E-Mobile Banking is an e-banking application installed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which allows Agribank customers to process financial transactions and many other add-ons.

In addition to utilities such as money transfer, phone recharge, bill payment, customers now can experience the new payment feature with QR code - QR Pay. QR Pay is a modern, simple and secure payment solution integrated into Agribank E-Mobile Banking. Customers can use their phone camera to scan QR code for quick operation of some transactions such as money transfer, payment, etc.


To use QR Pay function, after signing in to the application, customers select QR Pay and then point the camera to the area containing the QR code. The application will quickly display the corresponding information of the transfer or purchasing transaction.

- Click "Transfer" to confirm

- Enter the password/OTP code displayed on the screen and click “Continue” to complete cash transfer with QR code. Customers are allowed to enter the wrong password up to 4 times in a row. After the 5th time of wrong password, financial transactions of that account will be locked until the end of that day.


- With transaction from 500,000 VND or less (or 500,000 VND): customers input password to confirm the transaction

- With transaction from 500,000 VND or more: customers input OTP code sent to their phones to confirm the transaction

Customers can download Agribank E-Mobile Banking application at the application stores:

Or access: