Enhance QR Pay features and Purchase Air ticket on SHB Mobile
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10/3/2018 3:18:49 PM

Enhance QR Pay features and Purchase Air ticket on SHB Mobile

SHB Mobile is a mobile banking application that helps customers communicate with SHB anytime, anywhere via smartphones and tablets. With SHB Mobile, customers can transfer money, recharge, pay bills for water, television, telephone, query account information. Most recently, users can buy air tickets and pay with QR code (QR Pay).

Use QR Pay to purchase on ecommerce websites

When shopping at 20,000 restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, taxis and e-commerce sites connected to VNPAY-QR payment gateway, customers just need to login SHB Mobile application, select QR Pay feature and scan QR code, enter the payment amount and confirm the transaction to complete the payment.

In addition, SHB and VNPAY have successfully connected payment gateway services, helping customers shop and pay easily on big ecommerce sites such as Yes24, AeonEshop, ViettelStore, Pay VnExpress, Haravan, etc. via SHB bank account. In the coming time, VNPAY will continue to expand payment gateway connection with many major e-commerce sites to bring more convenience to SHB customers.

Benefits from QR Pay to Customers and Businesses

The greatest benefit that QR Pay brings the consumers is that they can simply make the payment without using cash or bank cards. Payment through VNPAY-QR code is secured thanks to two layers of security, one is when the users log into their accounts on Mobile Banking application, the second is when they enter OTP password (sent by the bank via SMS) or authenticate by fingerprint to complete the payment.

Payment by VNPAY-QR is also hopeful to create a revolution in the retail industry when the orders are processed faster and of course, the cost of time, labor costs are significantly reduced accordingly. Immediately after each transaction, the system will record the payment amount, helping shop owners easily manage revenue.

In addition, salespeople can also save investment costs for cash collection, tallying or surveying, installation of physical terminal equipment when setting POS machine (Cashless Payment Reader). Especially for businesses with many business locations, each business point will be given a QR code to help revenue and expenditure management much more convenient.

It's also much easier than ever to approach the customers when businesses can take advantage of QR codes to sell in a variety of ways such as on the websites, social networks or brochures, catalogs, advertisement on newspapers, billboards in public areas, bus shelters, train stations, airports, dock, etc.